The Value Of A Custom Surfboard

The Value Of A Custom Surfboard

It seems these days the custom board is totally undervalued.  More often than not instead of purchasing a surfboard that is designed specifically for a surfer, the typical surfer opts for a board off the rack designed for the general public.

You only have to look at the level of surfing in NZ now compared to 15 years ago to see that there is nowhere near as many rippers as there used to be. Even with all the extra peeps in the water!
Why is this?  With all the new technology and bells and whistles in board design you would think we would have an abundance of rippers in the water catching a ton  of waves and surfing them with style and ease. 
Obviously this is not the case because we are always seeing way too many surfers taking off late, blowing the first section of the wave and then playing catch up down the line.  
These days good marketing and flashy descriptions have changed the way surfers buy boards.  
Unlike the not so distant old days when the majority of surfboards were Custom made for each and every individual surfer.  
There are so many reasons why your next surfboard should be a Custom Surfboard.

A Custom Board Is Designed For You And The Type Of Waves You Regularly Surf.

We make sure we establish what skill level your surfing is at.  We also take into consideration your height, weight and what types of waves you will be surfing.  
These days there seems to be a general consensus that if you know how many litres you ride then that’s all the info required to shape a board that works for you. 
This is simply not true. Of course the volume of a surfboard is very important.  
If there is not enough volume you won’t be able to paddle fast enough to catch waves and you will waste too much energy on paddling and trying to get out the back.  It’s how that volume is distributed throughout the surfboard that counts.  And this is not a one size fits all type deal.  
Everyone is different and everyone surfs different  so that’s why it is so beneficial to get a surfboard designed for you!
It’s important to let your shaper know what you want out of a surfboard.  Do you want a board to go out and cruise at northerns or do you want a board that will help you improve your level of surfing so you can keep climbing the ladder of progression.  
Custom Surfboards are designed to  make it easier to catch waves and when you are catching more waves not only will you improve but you will also gain more confidence in the water and that can only be a good thing.
If you are serious about catching more waves and improving your surfing you need a board that will allow you to paddle into waves early so you have time to get to your feet and perform a bottom turn which sets you up for the rest of your wave.  
If you're constantly taking off late and having to negotiate the first section then you are not progressing as fast as you could be.  
Don’t get me wrong it’s good to be able to handle a late takeoff when you need to but it’s definitely not good for your progression if it’s happening all the time.
There’s an old saying in surfing ‘the best surfer in the water is the one who is having the most fun’. So which surfer is having the most fun…. The one who is catching the most waves. 
If you want to catch more waves come in and talk to our shapers Ralph & Vish at New Wave Surfboards and we can get you on a board that is designed for you, not the general public 🤙


Posted: Friday 28 August 2020