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  • Do you need a foamie in your Quiver?
    Long gone are the days of foamies being exclusively for surf schools or young groms learning to surf. The foamie revolution is here and there are so many exciting options out there to choose from!
    Posted: Thursday 5 November 2020
  • The Value Of A Custom Surfboard
    It seems these days the custom board is totally undervalued. More often than not instead of purchasing a surfboard that is designed specifically for a surfer, the typical surfer opts for a board off the rack designed for the general public.
    Posted: Friday 28 August 2020
  • #Blessed - by team rider JF (James Fowell)
    To be able to watch first hand the changes in surfboard design develop over the years has always been a real interest of mine. With the New Wave Surfboard factory on my back doorstep and a huge part of my life, I have been fortunate.
    Posted: Saturday 1 September 2018