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    Great for guys and girls, proudly displaying our New Wave logo, New Wave NZ Surfboards Gisborne New Zealand.
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    At NewWave we have a wide range of soft top surfboards to choose from. We have options for all ages and abilities, from beginner groms to adult learners. Check out all of our options in store or selected options online.
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    If you need fins for your shortboard, longboard, retro fish or even replacement fins, we've got you covered. shop instore or online for all your fin options.
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    We have a large selection of tractions/tail grip/ deck grip. Shop instore or online.
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    Wherever you are headed to or whatever your board storage needs we've got you sorted. from board sox to day bags to robust travel bags. Shop in store or online.
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    The WAX BOMB is a chemical free dry wax remover & is reusable. Cleans wax build up off any type of surfboard. First scrape wax from the board using the WAX BOMB comb provided. Second destroy remaining wax by rubbing WAX BOMB across your board. For best result bomb often!
  • Surfboard Repair Kits
    Our famous surfboard repair kit comes with everything you need to get you back out in the water. They are very easy to use and come with step by step instructions. Our kits cater for all repairs, shortboards - longboards, pu or epoxy boards. Busted out a fin plug? No worries we sell these too!
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    We have a great selection of SUP accessories. Shop instore or online.