Surf Accessories

                                                Please note our store is closed due to Covid 19, however we are still taking orders                                                 and you can shop online, but orders cannot be shipped until courier services resume.

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  • FINS
    If you need fins for your shortboard, longboard, retro fish or even replacement fins, we've got you covered. Shop instore or online for all your fin options.
  • Tractions/ Deck Grip
    We have a large selection of tractions/tail grip/ deck grip. Shop instore or online.
  • Leashes
    We stock a large selection of leashes, check them out instore or online.
  • Auto travel hardware/ Tie downs
    Shop instore or online @ New Wave NZ Surfboards for lots of options to secure your boards.
  • Hooded towel/ Surf poncho
    Shop online or instore for a great selection Hooded towels/ surf ponchos. Sizes for groms up to XL Adults.
  • Keys safe/ vaults
    We have several options to keep your car safe while you surf!
    The WAX BOMB is a chemical free dry wax remover & is reusable. Cleans wax build up off any type of surfboard. First scrape wax from the board using the WAX BOMB comb provided. Second destroy remaining wax by rubbing WAX BOMB across your board. For best result bomb often!
  • Surf Hats
    Shop online or instore for surfing hats, keep your head protected while you're out in the sun!
  • Surfboard travel covers & socks
    Wherever you are headed to or whatever your board storage needs we've got you sorted. from board sox to day bags to robust travel bags. Shop in store or online.
  • Wetsuit repair kits
    Shop instore or online for wetsuit repair kits @ New Wave NZ Surfboards
  • Seki Surf Ears
    Seki surf ear plugs
  • WAX
    Surfboard wax