The Old's Kool Fish ( Keel twin fin)

The Old's Kool Fish ( Keel twin fin)
Not just a board for the 'olds'.
Keel twinies have made a big come back.
This fish features a single concave into a double concave to a Vee off the tail, with a flatter rocker this board can generate speed quickly and get through flatter sections easier than your usual shortboard. It has a quick get up and go, the Vee out the back allows for easy rail to rail surfing. The Olds Kool fish is a fun fish that's very versatile. It performs best in long point breaks and long beach waves. It has a lot of volume under the chest for easy paddling to get you into waves with ease.
An original fish built for speed and fun!

Colour sprays/ resin tints/carbon / artwork is an additional cost. Please get in touch for a quote.

FCSII or Futures fin system.
Allow from 4 weeks production time.
NZ$ 975.00 - 1,175.00
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