Gorilla Grip

Gorilla Grip
The Gorilla The Jane Traction is a 3 piece traction pad. The copperhead arch has a narrow ridge with a high rear point for more aggressive turns. The Tri-Hex groove pattern has larger spacing providing targeted resistance with added sensitivity.


Style: 3 Piece Tail Pad
Material: EVA Foam
Pad Grooves: Tri-Hex Pyramid
Pad Arch: Saber
Bevelled Kick Edge
Resistance Holes

The Phat
Extra wide design suited to hybrid board models.

Pad Pieces: 1
Pad Grooves: DIAMOND
The high performing Aztec groove now features multiple layers to match the variety of pressures placed on the pad by the surfer.

• 3D delta design with narrow ridge and high rear point
• Locks foot into rear of pad for aggressive turns
NZ$ 69.95 - 74.95
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