Future Fins Fiberglass Twin Fin Set - Britt Merrick Twin

Future Fins Fiberglass Twin Fin Set - Britt Merrick Twin
Britt Merrick's new hand foiled signature twin fin set (BMT), is designed to fit between a traditional upright and keel fin. While conceived to maximize the performance and flow of the new CI Twin Pin, the setup works great in any twin fin board when you are looking for the perfect combination of drive, hold, and release.

Construction | Fiberglass

Side Fin
Area 23.58
Height 5.39
Base 5.77

Futures Fins is filling the demand for a strong, easily installed removable fin system. Futures improves the efficiency of the manufacturing process, with a system that's hinged on simple pre-glass installation. With a diverse team of athletes, including Jordy Smith, Rob Machado, John Florence, Clay Marzo and Dave Rastovich, Futures offers a complete line of fin templates for all surfers, boards and conditions, and is known around the world as the Strongest Lightest and Fastest fin system on the market.
NZ$ 199.95
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