Curve Fins Thruster Hexcore Dual Tab - 7 Large

Curve Fins Thruster Hexcore Dual Tab - 7 Large
NZ surfboard fins Size 7 [= Large Performer] – surfer weight 75kg to 105kg
Fin size: 122mm high / 109mm base.
Performance Core Thruster FCS dual tab style.
Dual tab fits FCS1 fin system. Comes with zip up case and fin key.
HEXCORE + Fibreglass = Lightweight Power
Curve Hexcore will take your surfing to the next level, with the perfect combination of power and speed for those seeking the advantages of superior surfboard fin performance.

The stiffer flex pattern of fibreglass means you can load more power into turns with noticeably improved hold, while the lightweight hexcore interior reduces overall weight. Being fibreglass, the tip retains its responsiveness for a highly impressive level of control. Add the benefits of strength and durability and you have the ultimate combination of power and speed - in a high performance yet affordable fin.

Medium flex pattern creates additional drive and hold. wider base + refined tip + additional rake and a smaller centre fin provide a potent blend of speed, power and release. good match for point break conditions. suits the medium size surfer
NZ$ 89.95
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