NSP Mid length Funboard Green Outline

NSP Mid length Funboard Green Outline
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6'8 RRP $899 Sale $699
7'2 RRP $929 Sale $799
7'6 RRP $939 Sale $819

The Elements Funboard is designed for the weekend warrior wanting to paddle in easily and catch waves early. Get ready to pop-up and ride more waves.

Rail: Full
Bottom: Single to Vee
Ideal waves: 1-6ft
Level: Beginner – Expert

Elements funboard Design:
• A stunning combination of fantastic value, durability and performance, the Funboard is one of the most popular boards in the NSP range for progressing skills.
• Semi-rounded nose with low entry rocker design puts more volume upfront to give more paddle power to catch waves early and easily.
• Domed deck profile allows a forgiving but sensitive rail feel while the rounded pintail is pulled in, adding control in bottom turns and cutbacks.
• Concave bottom creates a fast water transition through to the tail, providing balance and control in a wide range of conditions.
• On smaller days, go quad and keep the thruster setup for bigger days when conditions lend themselves for slicing.

Fins Included :
The Elements funboard comes with three nylon new MFC-designed FTU fins.
NZ$ 899.00
NZ$ 699.00
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