Dream Fish

Dream Fish
The Dream Fish is the little brother to the Old's Kool Fish, tweaked with a few modern changes as a more performance oriented fish.
While keeping the basic features of the Old's Kool Fish, the Dream Fish features an updated outline, a slightly more refined nose and a touch more rocker. The board will be looser, perform tighter turns and sits in the pocket with ease. The Dream Fish paddles like a dream and gets going down the line with speed.
This board has all the fun of an Old's Kool Fish with a modern update!

Available as a custom up to 9'.

Colour sprays/ resin tints/carbon / artwork is an additional cost. Please get in touch for a quote.
FCSII or Futures fin system.
Allow from 4 weeks production time.
NZ$ 975.00 - 1,150.00
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