Sticky Johnson Hooded Towels/ Surf Poncho - Tie Die

Sticky Johnson Hooded Towels/ Surf Poncho - Tie Die
Adults/Mens - Large 18+ years old / 120cm
Teen/Womens- Medium 12-18 years old / 100cm
Small - Kids 6-12 years old / 85cm

Yep we surf! infact we love surfing! So much so that we we're bent on getting quality products out onto the market that not only were affordable but actually performed well in all conditions. New Zealand has had that perfect testing ground and throughout the years we have continued to listen to rider feedback and the needs of store operators hence we have come to the table with a stable of sturdy products that meet the most challenging requirements of the core surfer. Our passion for surfing and desire to be the best has ment countless hours in research and development. Sticky Johnson Deluxe surf wax has been developed over the last 8 years using premium cutting edge materials. With over 2,000 trial formulations our wax's are the result of nothing but hard work and dedication. We are the first company in NZ to export surf wax. Our international sucess is testament to the quality of Sticky Johnson. In growing the brand we have extended our offerings into Grips and Leashes. Again we are dedicated to long term sucess which means we have done the hard yards ensuring our products are manufactured to the highest standards using premium materials from reputable manufacturers. Since the beginning we have been fortunate enough to have one of NZ's best out on the frontline testing it in the tropical waters of Indonesia to the icy alps of the catlins in the deep south. Maz Quinn's reputation for balls to the wall surfing from 2 to 20ft means he is one of the best qualified in NZ to test, refine and develop our range of products. Sticky Johnson wax, leashes and grip are all used and trusted by Maz, allowing him to continue to be one of the best!
NZ$ 69.95 - 79.95
[{"colour":"","code":"70031126","size":"","price":69.522,"pid":2380491,"style":"Adult/ Large","disabled":true,"imgsrc":"/images/530513/pid2380490/icky-johnson-hooded-towel-surf-poncho-camo-tie-die.jpg","title":"Sticky Johnson Hooded Towels/ Surf Poncho - Tie Die"},{"colour":"","code":"70031140","size":"","price":65.174,"pid":2380492,"style":"Medium/ Teen 12 -18","disabled":true,"imgsrc":"/images/530513/pid2380490/icky-johnson-hooded-towel-surf-poncho-camo-tie-die.jpg","title":"Sticky Johnson Hooded Towels/ Surf Poncho - Tie Die"},{"colour":"","code":"70031157","size":"","price":60.826,"pid":2380493,"style":"Kids 6 -12","disabled":true,"imgsrc":"/images/530513/pid2380490/icky-johnson-hooded-towel-surf-poncho-camo-tie-die.jpg","title":"Sticky Johnson Hooded Towels/ Surf Poncho - Tie Die"}]