The new 31″ shape has been developed with our team rider from Barcelona, Carlos Martin Cazorla. Carlos' skating combines wide, open lines with sharp turns. He enjoys going vertical inside the bowl as much as he enjoys pumping and generating speed, always riding with flow and style.

This board has been designed for high performance riders. The fuller nose makes for easy front foot control, and the wider tail helps with the sharpest of turns and maneouvres.

Improve your surfing skills or find the immediate best thing about surfing if you can't get to the beach or if you just can't find a wave anywhere. The newly developed 3rd generation front truck Slide 3.0 designed for precision performance and skateboarding brings you much closer to the feeling of surfing at the sea / ocean. Slide 3.0 encourages the rider to pump and build speed just as he would on a surfboard. Based on a mechanism that includes an adjustable spring, the rider has the feeling of surfing on the asphalt, easily connecting one turn to another. This mechanism also helps experienced surfers to improve the synchronization of legs and arms and beginners to start learning to twist and improve their balance.

Board Specs:
Deck: 78,74 cm (31") x 26,03 cm (10.25")
Material: 7 ply Canadian Mapple
Front Truck: New Slide 3rd Generation truck 3.0 165mm
Rear Truck: Polished Aluminium 165mm
Wheelbase: 43.18 cm (17")
Wheels: Slide Black 70mm x 55mm
Hardness: 78A
Bearings: ABEC-7

Slide Surfskates

Slide surfskates are made by Sancheski who have been making history in the world of skateboarding since 1934 and are known for their simple designs. Here you will not see kitsch palm trees or sunsets, nor pink rainbows popping up with chainsaws .... these happen to brands that have to visually explain what they stand for. With slide surfskates all you need to know is that it is simply one of the best surfskates in the world! It is the perfect tool to quickly improve your technique for days without waves.
NZ$ 349.00