Sic Maui Darkhorse Foamboard

Sic Maui Darkhorse Foamboard
The all-new SIC Darkhorse Surfboard is stepping up the game with its Vortex' construction fusing the highest quality soft board technology with composite stringers and lightweight core materials to create fun and yet high-performance surfboards.

A key differentiating factor and core performance characteristic of the SIC Darkhorse Surfboard is its Dullies' (dual glassed reinforced composite rail stringers).

This gives the SIC Darkhorse Surfboard its unique stiffness without sacrificing its lively feel and pop!

Priced from
$520 , 5'8.
$550, 6'8
$580, 7'4
$599, 8'4
NZ$ 520.00
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