Vision Softboards

Vision Softboards
The TakeOff range is designed for beginner to intermediate surfers. This is a great range of wider outline funboard shapes with plenty of volume that will catch any wave going. Perfect for those wanting to develop their

This 100% waterproof XPS core is great for everyday intermediate riding. In combination with our deck, rails & bottom this core also performs extremely well in good sized surf.

A very durable 0.7mm HDPE slick bottom adds strength to the surfboard and gives a resistance free riding surface to enhance speed and manoeuvrability on the wave.

Vision Safety Fins are great for kids and beginners learning how to surf or surfing in shore break environments, where falling is common and contact with the fins can occur. By using a very soft and flexible material the risk of fin cuts is greatly reduced. Vision Soft Safety Fins are applied with special soft screws through the deck of the board.

TakeOff bumper rails. An added layer of 4mm rail protection from bumps and scrapes, shaped by hand in our surfboard factory to give shortboard-like drive and performance.

Our non-slip 'Crocodile Deck Skin" gives superior grip for use with or without wax. A smooth, consistent and shock absorbing 4mm deck foam material. TakeOff decks also feature special soft foam carry handles taking the hassle out of carrying surfboards.

Wooden stringers are used on all TakeOff range boards and add to the surfboards longitudinal strength and increases stiffness.

From $459 for 6'0
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NZ$ 459.00 - 699.00
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