Shapers 9.0" Flex Longboard Box Fin

Shapers 9.0
Fin Description Shapers 9.0" Flex
The Flex Series provides a precision flex that springs the board out of turns and enhances the maneuverability. The Flex template is designed with a wide based and a tapered tip, this rake to base ratio provides stability and drive need for mid length boards to traditional logs. The thinner flexible provides a smooth flow in and out of transitions and is suited for a variety of boards.

7' Flex: Designed for shortboard inspired single fins, mid-lengths, hulls, pin tail's and V-bottom boards.
8.25' Flex: Suits mid-lengths, hulls, pin tail, v-bottom boards, bonzers, eggs or 2+1's.
9" Flex: Suits hulls, pin tail, v-bottom boards bonzers, eggs or 2+1's.
11' Flex: Suits 2+1 and logs.
Compatible with Box Fin System

Fin Colour
Tan White & Opaque Green

Fin Specifications
Depth: 229mm | 9"
Base: 166mm | 6.53"
NZ$ 135.95
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