Shapers Stealth XXL Single Tab

Shapers Stealth XXL Single Tab
Designed by the Master Water Craftsman Dick Van Straalen.
Available in quad or thruster.
The Vert Quad is ideal for Fish Quads or surfers desiring drive and direction (control) out of their boards. The Vert Quad is designed with a fuller base and tip, and an upright outline creating a powerful, fast and pivotal quad set-up.
The XXL is the largest high performance thruster set-up in the Shapers range. The XXL features an upright template that helps get the board on rail and tighten the turning arc. The fins have a lot of depth which provide stability and overall control. The Carbon Stealth construction perfectly suits the fins purpose, giving an extra large fin a responsive feel and the unique ability to load up on energy and then release, giving larger surfers extra drive and speed. Designed for larger and powerful surfers as a reliable thruster set up in all conditions and is also widely used as a performance thruster set for performance Longboarding and SUP’s.
Compatible with Futures Fin Systems
NZ$ 170.00
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