Low Rider Surfboard Rack

Low Rider Surfboard Rack
The Northcore "Lowrider" universal fit bicycle surfboard carry rack, has a powder coated alloy frame which fits to any standard seat stem avoiding scratching to bike paint work. Made for all bikes including mountain bikes, beach cruisers, full suspension bikes etc.

The "Lowrider" engineered alloy framework is covered by thick EVA foam at the points where the surfboard rests when being transported preventing any damage. The board is then secured by two integrated bungee cords, holding it safely in place.

The "Lowrider" will easily carry surfboards up to 8'0 in length with any standard board width and thickness. The rack is simple to install and because it's constructed in sections can be taken to pieces for quick and easy storage when not in use. The "Lowrider" is a great bit of kit for any surfer living close to the beach or for travelling. It's eco friendly, lightweight (only 1.4kgs!) and saves on parking fees!

Universal fit for most bikes, including mountain bikes
Attaches to seat stem (25mm to 32mm)
Powder coated fitting to prevent rust
Designed to fit most surfboard up to 8'0
Strong durable, practical design which won't damage your bike frame
NZ$ 149.00 - 149.96
NZ$ 99.95 - 149.95
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