Creatures of Leisure - Lite surfboard covers

Creatures of Leisure - Lite surfboard covers
The Lite Board covers are designed for economic day-to-day use. The single board capacity covers are perfect for in-home storage or in-car transport to and from the beach.
Heavy duty tarpee fabric on one side and 420D polyester fabric on the other. Other features include: 3mm padding, webbing shoulder strap, marine grade corrosion resistant Nylon zips. Available in Shortboard, Fish, retro fish and Longboard.


3mm closed cell FOAM padding

420D Fabric on top side and heat resistant Silver poly

Shoulder Strap

Marine Grade Corrosion resistant - Nylon Zipper

12 Month Warranty

6'0 Fish $110 Sale $75
6'3 Fish $139 Sale $75
6'3 Shortboard $110 Sale $75
6'7 Shortboard $110 Sale $75
7'6 Longboard $139 Sale $95
8'6 Longboard $189 Sale $95
NZ$ 110.00 - 149.00
NZ$ 75.00 - 95.00
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