FCS Tractions/ deck grip

FCS Tractions/ deck grip
Focusing on comfort, support and increased grip, FCS Traction's keep your foot connected to the board so you can push hard against your fins for maximum speed and drive. The FCS range of Essential and Athlete pads are designed to fit all board types.
More Grip, More Drive.

FCS T-1 TRACTION- 1 piece traction, designed to suit narrow tail boards.
FCS T-2 TRACTION- ​2 piece traction, designed to suit hybrid boards
FCS T-3 TRACTION -​3 piece traction, designed to suit performance boards.

FCS KOLOHE ANDINO TRACTION -Kolohe Andino's signature tractions
FCS FILIPE TOLEDO TRACTION -Filipe Toledo's signature 3 piece pad series
FCS JULIAN WILSON TRACTION - Designed for increased traction and reduced weight.
FCS JEREMY FLORES TRACTION- designed to suit performance boards
FCS SALLY FITZGIBBONS TRACTION - Designed to feel secure when powering through turns and releasing the tail.
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