• FCS Fins
    FCS fins, FCS I, FCS II Performers, Accelerators, Carvers, Reactors. Athlete series fins Mick Fanning, Kolohe Andino, Filipe Toledo, Reactors. Shapers series fins Al Merrick. Specialty series fins Rob Machado Keels, Mark Richardson twin/ thruster fins. FCS II Modern & retro keels
  • Shapers Fins
    Single tab/ futures compatible fins. Dual tab fins. Twin fins. Longboard fins.
  • Curve Fins
    Curve longboard fins, futures compatible fins, side bites, SUP fins
  • Captain Fin Co
    Recognized as the first brand to collaborate with like minded professional surfers, artist, skaters and musicians producing artwork on Surfboard Fins. Captain Fin Co. expanded into surfing accessories and apparel Keeping the Fun Alive with a unique aesthetic for the beach and beyond. Influenced by Southern California beach culture the brand aims to build the best quality products while daring to be different. Be Cool Man... Captain Fin Co. is independently owned and operated. Founded in 2007
  • Futures Fins
    We stock a extensive range of futures fins. From high performance carbon to twin fin keels we have you covered.
  • Long board fins
    The single fin setup is the original fin setup. Single fins are usually long and wider than other fins which make the board controllable with only the one fin. The deeper the fin and the larger its area the more control the rider has. The 2+1 longboard setup denotes a larger center fin with 2 small to medium-small side fins. The "sidebites" contribute some lift, control, and stability to the board when it is arcing through turns.
  • Fins Out - Fin removal tool
    FEATURES: Style: Fin Tool Colour: Black, Blue, Pink. Fin removal tool compatible with the FCS II fin system The patent-pending design, enables you to change your FCS II fins with a simple flick of the wrist To get your fins out, simply slip the Finsout tool over the fin and remove it with ease in seconds The tool has a grip contoured handle and its patented fin friendly design allows you to lever your Finsout with ease.
  • Fin Puller FCS2
    Save your hands, fins and boxes with Finpuller's patented fin removal and installation system. Finpuller works with virtually any system. It’s small, compact and the removal and installing process is effortless and smooth. FEATURES: Works with all systems Made from recycled materials 12 x 2.5 x 0.75. / 4.5 Oz Free leash string Weight: 4.5oz Dimensions: 12 x 2.4 x .75in

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